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ST PETS is keeping prices affordable for pet food supplies and have moved online to do so.
This is because we support the local stray community caregivers also known as stray feeders.

Taking up the responsibility of the strays’ former owners who abandoned them, their compassion did not go unnoticed. WE salute them for their courage and commitment to the strays community!

ST PETS is working alongside with a non-profit organisation called Save The Strays Society.
As a result, we are able to reach out to more stray community caregivers.
Our goal is to link them up with Save The Strays Society adoption drive program.
We believe that every pet deserves a home and would like to help re-home as many strays as possible.

“Adopt and NOT SHOP” is a message for everyone to bear in mind.

Gaining the support in the direction of our business module, we are proud to announce that we are appointed by FROMM as their central distributor in Singapore for their high quality pet food products.

FROMM began when a group of pet lovers started cooking healthy pet food decades ago to feed the strays.
Since then, they have become a household name in the pet food industry.
FROMM is rated as the top 3 best quality pet food in the world today.
WE highly recommend FROMM because of it’s nutritional benefits which have proven to improve the life-span of cats and dogs including healthy fur growth.
Samples are available for your pet’s tasting session with us.

ST Pets is also providing island-wide delivery services to your doorstep and you are just one call away from getting quality pet food for your pets. WE promise to deliver your pet food and products as soon as possible.

Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of giving the best quality food for our pets as we wish to prolong their lives by keeping them healthy and for as long as possible!