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Pet Food Supply & More…

At ST PETS, we provide a wide range of brands for your pet food supply. They include products for both cats and dogs at very affordable prices. We believe in catering to your pet’s taste and appetite because eating the same type of food everyday can cause them to lose their appetite just like humans do.
This is why we allow the exchange of flavors for regular delivery orders and pet food supplies. Being pet lovers ourselves, we value our customers’ feedback, concerns and suggestions to further improve our products and services.

In addition, ST PETS also provide accessories for your pets ranging from toys to apparels.
If there is an occasion coming up, be sure to update with us on the fashion wear we carry.

ST PETS is a car friendly store which is just 3 steps away from the parking lot.
Lots of customers have drove to the front of our store where we will load up their orders to go just like a drive thru.
There are special offers for walk-in customers to enjoy whenever they pop by to get their pets’ supply.
Parking is FREE on Sundays too!

Shop with your Pets…

We have also built a cats play room in our store for all cat lovers to enjoy!
Customers who come to shop with their pets can now use our cats playroom at a small cosy corner of our shop.
Our playroom comes with a glass door so that you can shop in peace while your pet can keep their eyes on you.

Shopping with pets is now made possible because we care!

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We also provide delivery service of your purchases island wide.

Feel free to drop us a text to find out more!

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